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Basic chemical: post-holiday demand impress Off-season downside inertia may remain

2014/6/13      view:

We monitor the latest citic built for chemical industry climate index is 5.62, average 8.99; The secondary market last week basic chemical index (citic) fell 0.90%, the Shanghai fell 0.75%, Brent oil prices at $107.89 a barrel on Friday, down 0.14%, weeks, or 1.13%. In April the latest PMI data show that supply-side growth is slowing, industry excess capacity pressures, the demand side Although improved seasonal, but rebounding below the record level; Although, the current inventory at low levels, but weak demand, especially after enter the off-season, the economy is still have inertia may fall. Parade in the chemical industry in the industry, and is closely related to the investment in fixed assets, the economy continues to decline, led to the chemical industry needs a sharp contraction; And 09 years, chemical industry brought about by the massive investment capacity, huge overcapacity exacerbated by chemical industry pressure, therefore, chemical products prices in a sustained downturn, short-term only affected by stock volatility, but the trend is not obvious, affected by the prices lower, industry profitability is not optimistic; Appear at the same time, the chemical sector also declined, many stocks 14 years of dynamic valuation in about 10 times, the valuation at historically low levels, but the macroeconomic situation, suppresses the plate rebound, our point of view of chemical plate is cautiously, advice to focus on stable demand, low valuation of small molecule, such as pesticide; Continue to recommend Yang agriculture chemical, Sharon once, jiangshan.

This week is remarkable varieties:

Methylene chloride, or 2.94%, this week in east China the latest price 3500 yuan/ton, strong domestic dichloromethane continue advance higher, volume increased steadily, and the stability of the product in the enterprise quantity, production enterprises have remained stable for the afternoon to the good point of view, in addition, some companies to start construction this week of a certain degree of decline, and to the market to purchase, and to a certain extent affect the number of market supply to sale. Related city company: three love rich, JuHua co.

Methyl ethyl ketone, or 2.86%, this week in east China the latest price 9875 yuan/ton, methyl ethyl ketone mainstream production business inventories low, smooth shipment, enterprise concentration increase unit price, in addition, this weekend, fushun petrochemical 30000 tons/year production maintenance, this is a strong market of methyl ethyl ketone to form strong support, Although downstream terminal factory is given priority to with early inventory digestion, poor market replenishment mood, but the grocers mentality surface smooth, pull up emotions remain, offer to high-end. Related listed companies: JiXiang tengda.

Phenol, or 2.46%, this week in east China the latest price 10400 yuan/ton, phenol market this week continued to rise, the field is still relatively tight spot supply, the trader hand supply of goods is not much, want to mood, offer A strong, but weak demand downstream of phenolic resin industry, factory inventory phenomenon is obvious, the bisphenol A market offer strong, the cargo is not free, the extent of the downturn of the phenol prices downstream. Related listed companies: bluestar new material, sinopec.

Epoxy propane, or 2.08%, this week in east China the latest price 12250 yuan/ton, jilin shenhua has not expected production of epoxy propane, zhenhai refining device for troubleshooting suddenly, but before the factory inventories low, lead to the field source is less, supply a bit nervous, in addition, the import of epoxy propane price is higher, outside dish price has a rising trend, also promote domestic product prices, but not back to the warm downstream demand, demand is weak. The relevant listed companies: shore co.

The meeting notice 】

With the rapid development of halogen chemical industry chain, resource-based profiteering era is gone forever, resources are gradually shift to fine era. In order to better grasp the general trend, accurate grasp of market development cycle, real change in response to the industry, business club will be in June 25 to 27, 2014, held in suzhou, jiangsu province, "the first halogen chemicals industry cluster summit", BBS assembly consists of three points, respectively is: in 2014, the seventh fluorine chemical industry development peak BBS, in 2014, the sixth China bromine chemical development peak BBS, in 2014 the second China salt chemical industry development peak BBS. Sign up to attend hot line: 0531-82318028, 18615183208, zhang Ming.